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We are beyond excited to welcome back our wonderful clients from Monday 12th April! Please do have a quick read of the guidelines we have received from our insurers in relation to the safe reopening of the salon.

Patch Testing

In summary what it means is that we must start from scratch again with patch testing 💪🏼 but we do so with the knowledge it is in YOUR best interest. So EVERYONE that will be having any tinting or lifting service must be re patch tested 🍃 You do not need patch tests for manicures, pedicures, facials or massage etc. 

This may all come as an inconvenience to you if you’ve already booked, but it’s definitely worth knowing your treatment will be carried out in the correct and safe way to do so.

On Tuesday 13th Lauren will be in the Salon 9.30am – 7pm offering a drop in patch test day!! No need to book just pop along!

For anyone unable to make that day please book at free patch test online at least 24hrs prior to your appointment by clicking here

Vaccinations and Beauty Treatments

If your appointment for ANY beauty treatment lands within the 2 week time frame of your Covid -19 vaccine PLEASE MOVE IT asap.

We cannot carry out any treatment of any kind (including patch test) until after 2 weeks has passed from your vaccination 💕

“For Insurance compliance it is always important to patch test in line with manufacturer guidelines and whenever there have been any changes to the medical history:
Having A COVID-19 Vaccine is classed as a medical change
If you’ve had COVID-19 this is classed as a medical change
The use of home tints could contribute to increased sensitivity to PPD
Please note: After someone has had a vaccine the NHS have advised that they could have side effects for around a week. To ensure that any side effects aren’t confused with a patch test reaction we advise that you should allow 2 weeks after someone is vaccinated before patch testing or treating them.
Some good news we have now received from our Insurance Brokers is that they are happy to support sending patch tests via post provided the following best practice is followed.”

We can’t wait to see you all 💕🍃


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