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Yes, that’s right! So excited to share this… Not only did we see Hannah twice yesterday on our tv screens but we saw Bridge Beauty too!

We couldn’t be more blessed to see Hannah and our cute little salon getting a bit of the limelight it deserves! 🥰✨

As a team we would like to thank the staff at Boyatt Pharmacy for giving Hannah the opportunity to do what she does best and that’s working hard and helping others! Her dedication and devotion is inspiring to many of us! Keep up the good work guys we are so grateful that you are helping keep our community safe! 🙏🏽

We know Hannah Lewis would like to say a special thank you to Mitesh Patel, Bhavini Patel and Kris Hillary from The Medicine Clinic Ltd for believing in her and helping her grow within a role of a volunteer to then become a qualified COVID-19 vaccinator. 🦠🙅🏼‍♀️👏🏽

We know she’s loved every minute of it but we can’t wait to have her back running Bridge Beauty again in the best and safest way possible!! 💕🌿


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